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Jan 06, 2022 Conquering Your Golf Goals with Erika Larkin

You know that golf can be a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. Probably you are thinking of making it a hobby someday. But when you’re just about to get started, nervousness kicks in and you can’t go to the golf course anymore because you think you’re not...

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Jan 04, 2022 All Things Women's Golf & Real Housewives [First EVER Podcast Episode]

In the first episode of the Real Housewives of Golf podcast, hosts Sarah Held and Tori Totlis share their long journey on how they started playing golf and later built their careers around the sport. They also share a few recaps about the Real Housewives of Orange County, what they think about...

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Dec 30, 2021 5 Reasons to Play in that Next Big Tournament

As a golfer, you know that feeling of wanting to sign up for a big tournament - only to have that little voice in the back of your head convince you to skip registration.

Whether it is your Club Championship, a District Qualifier, or your First Club Invitational - big tournaments can be so...

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Dec 30, 2021 3 Best Putting Drills to Help with Distance and Dialing in Green Spots

Weekend golfers frequently overlook this critical aspect of the game, yet low-handicappers always acknowledge it. Putting is one of the most essential elements of golf because the greatest players understand what hacks don't.

Putting may be one of the most essential skills for any golfer, but it...

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Dec 23, 2021 Supercharge Practice with the Compete Confidence Golf Round Scorecard

When I hit the links to get in practice between tournaments, I often find myself occasionally wishing I had a mobile scorecard to make keeping track of my clubs and scores easier. This is especially true when hitting range balls at the beginning or end of practice or on casual rounds where I...

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Dec 19, 2021 The Ultimate Golfer Gift Guide

Need a gift for that special someone who golfs?

If you are shopping for the golfer in your life (or looking for gift suggestions to give other people), you won't want to miss my FREE Golf Gift Guide!

I've put together the top golf equipment and activewear gifts to give this year, along...

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Dec 18, 2021 The 2021 Golf Push Cart Shopping Guide

 It's a golfer's best friend - a pushcart.

As a golfer, one of the best gifts you can receive is a pushcart. It'll make your rounds easier and more enjoyable and help you to really enjoy yourself on the course.

There are many different styles of pushcarts out there today -which is why we've...

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Aug 13, 2021 Golf Outfit Of The Day Closet Challenge: Day 10


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Aug 10, 2021 Golf Outfit Of The Day Closet Challenge: Day 9

Click the video above to watch my 9th video of my Golf Outfit Of The Day Closet Challenge!


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Aug 09, 2021 What to Wear on the Golf Course

If you’re a beginner to the world of golfing, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to wear on the course to fit in. There are a whole variety of options to choose from, but following the key rules are essential to be properly prepared to hit the range.

Keep reading to hear all...

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