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Nov 24, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 87: Distance Series (Part 5): Using the Stack System with Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

In his first phenomenal appearance on the podcast, Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, co-founder of ‘The Stack System’ presents a captivating narration on the inception and evolution of this innovation. Stemming from an inquisitiveness that brought together his diverse backgrounds of golf and track...

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Nov 07, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 81: Golf Closet Preview: Golf Pants We Love, Part One

In this episode, Tori and Alix share their personal experiences, favorites, and detailed insights about this essential part of golf attire. As they explore a wide array of options, they aim to challenge the norm and change the narrative about golf pants by discussing various solutions to common...

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Sep 14, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 73: Golf Truth Reminders You Need to Hear with Donna Taylor

We’re joined by returning guest Donna Taylor, a veteran of the golf world and a yoga instructor who specializes in helping women enhance their skills on the golf course.

With her unique approach, Donna has managed to make golf lessons accessible and fun. She shares how her dad, a pioneer...

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Jul 13, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 56: Let's Get REAL About Club Fitting with the Legend... Sue O'Connor

Sue O'Connor, an experienced club fitter from Cool Clubs, joins Tori. Sue has extensive experience in custom golf club fitting and building, making her one of the few women in the United States specializing in fitting clubs with aftermarket shafts tailored to individual specifications. They will...

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May 10, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 37: Finding Your Own Golf Style with Bailey Chamblee // PLUS a Golf Closet Sneak Peek!

Tori wants to give a shoutout to Golf Closet, a brand-new venture with Alix, focused on talking about golf clothes and outfits. The first episode is ready on Tori's YouTube Channel. They love finding new brands and ways to mix and match outfits on the golf course. The golf apparel...

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Mar 23, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 23: Building a Golf Apparel Business from the Ground Up with Founder of Golftini, Susan Hess

Today on the show, Tori is joined by Susan Hess, the CEO, and founder of Golftini, whose story is truly fabulous. Susan and Golftini were at Shopping Night at Desert Classic, and she is a true inspiration. She shared an abridged version of her story with Tori at the PGA Show this past...

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Mar 09, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 19: **It’s Desert Classic Week** PLUS All the Details on the Dallas Shootout!!

Tori and her guests Ashley and Carrie are at Papago by the time this podcast airs. The Desert Classic has just started and will last for three and a half days, with 200 women participating. The Dallas Shootout will be similar to the Desert Classic and will include three full days of women's golf...

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Feb 20, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 15: An Outline to Organizing Your Member-Guest Tournament

On today's show, Tori is joined by Leslie Rangal, the president of the Papago WGA board, and Kim Eaton, a highly accomplished amateur golfer. The topic of the show is organizing a member-guest tournament and how to make it special. They will discuss the details and outline of the event, so...

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Oct 18, 2022 Behind the Scenes at the Danzante Bay Invitational! And a 2023 Desert Classic Sneak Peek!

The Danzante Bay Invitational

There are many different reasons people throw golf events. Golf tournaments are a great way to bring close friends closer and make new friendships alike. It is a relaxed environment to get to work on solidifying what is important in life. Golf tournaments can also...

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Oct 14, 2022 Favorite Winter Golf Apparel – Pants, Vests, Sweaters – All of it!

Favorite Winter Golf Apparel 

One main reason golf courses require a dress code is to create a sense of professionalism and respectability. When you walk onto the course, you want to look like a professional golfer who takes the game seriously. Sports apparel helps you project the right...

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