T-Time Podcast
with Tori Totlis

If you are a female golfer that has the golf bug, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a beginner shooting double or triple bogeys or a seasoned bad-ass golfer, this podcast is for you.


Tori Totlis is on a mission to build a stronger community for female golfers, get more women into golf, and do more for the women in golf.

New episodes air each week, and give listeners an all access pass into the behind the scenes of women’s golf!


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What Listeners
are saying

"Tori has a wide variety of guests that hit on all different aspects of golf — mental, physical, nutrition, and more. She’s doing so much for the women's golf community, and her passion really shows."


"Truly appreciate, enjoy and value your podcasts! Great mix of information for all golfers. Thank you!"


"I don’t miss an episode! As a new golf enthusiast, Tori’s podcast helps me so much. Her content is right on spot and very inclusive no matter what your handicap!"

"The best women’s golf podcast! I look forward to every new show. Tori is great to listen to, and I love the variety of guests. Always appreciate her insight and those of the guests."


"Listening to Tori’s podcast has inspired me to pursue my own niche in the golf world. Her guests are great ambassadors to the spirit of the game, but also informative and funny, keeping the conversation “real” and “down to earth”. Love it!"

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New episodes weekly, every Monday and Thursday!