T-Time Podcast
with Tori Totlis

If you are a female golfer that has the golf bug, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a beginner shooting double or triple bogeys or a seasoned bad-ass golfer, this podcast is for you.


Tori Totlis is on a mission to build a stronger community for female golfers, get more women into golf, and do more for the women in golf.

New episodes air each week, and give listeners an all access pass into the behind the scenes of women’s golf!


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What Listeners
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"I’m so excited for this new podcast! Tori’s a great guide, coach, cheerleader, inspiration, guru or whatever you wanna call her. She and her guests both entertain and cover topics that can help beginner or an avid golfer who wants to commit more to their golf game. Highly recommended!"

"Tori T! Another home run!
Or should I say an Eagle? So glad you're back! Missed you over the holiday! This Podcast will teach you so much in such a welcoming way! I started golfing because of Tori! Now it feels like I belong to a woman’s golf community. From her Podcast to her workout programs, Short Game 100, the tournaments and let’s not forget the outfits. Best of all she makes you feel like a friend! This woman is such an inspiration to all Female golfers."


"So glad you are back Tori! Great topics, not just for beginners! Pace of play is for everyone! It was so ingrained in me when I started playing 20-some years ago to “keep it moving”. Guys I golf with (husband, brother-in-law, nephews) don’t get it…I get so annoyed when it’s their turn and they decide to start a conversation, open a drink or snack, don’t have their glove on or club selected….They feel like I am rushing them"


"Tori’s love for this amazing game radiates through her shows. She has wonderful guests and I always learn something new each week. Thanks for continuing to inspire women golfers of all levels. Can’t wait for my first trip in May to Danzante Bay!"


"Podcast for new female golfers! Although I’ve been playing for almost 40 years, I’m glad I checked in. I’m starting my 4th season as a mentor for new female golfers at a large public complex in Sacramento. This program was started about 5-6 years ago. The gal who runs it has about 1000 women in her database who have gone thru the mentoring. They recognized the void for new golfers to learn in a safe place to build confidence, learn etiquette, pace of play, and all the nuances of the game. We’ve been off for a few months, mostly because of the weather. This was perfect for me to get my head back into mentoring; confirming the verbiage, guidance, and positive accolades as we tackled 9 holes. As a side note, we’ve been trained to use Vision 54 on the course with our mentees. It’s helped my game as well."

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