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Dec 05, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 90: Golf Wellness Series: Performance Based Nutrition w/ Will Armijo

In the latest episode of your virtual tea time, host Tori sits down with the dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, and influencer in the health and wellness industry, Will Armijo. Highly recommended by a colleague, Will brings his expertise and enthusiasm to the conversation, promising an insightful...

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Dec 03, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 89: Golf Wellness Series: Balancing & Tracking Hormones for Peak Performance with Dr. Erin Ellis

Welcome back! In this episode, host Tori sits down with Dr. Erin Ellis, a naturopathic doctor specializing in hormone balance and women's health. As an expert in her field, Dr. Ellis helps women regain energy, fix menstrual issues, and achieve their happiest, healthiest selves. With a focus on...

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Nov 28, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 88: Golf Wellness Series: The Art of Bouncing Back with Coach Dar

Welcome to another episode! On today's edition, we are joined by the esteemed Darleen Santore, best known as Coach Dar. Wearing multiple hats as a board-certified occupational therapist, an award-winning author, a former mental skills coach for the Phoenix Suns and so much more, she shares her...

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Nov 24, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 87: Distance Series (Part 5): Using the Stack System with Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

In his first phenomenal appearance on the podcast, Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, co-founder of ‘The Stack System’ presents a captivating narration on the inception and evolution of this innovation. Stemming from an inquisitiveness that brought together his diverse backgrounds of golf and track...

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Nov 17, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 86: Champion Series: 2022 USGA Women's Senior Amateur Champion, Shelly Stouffer

Shelly Stouffer, a professional golfer, sat down to give us an insight into her sports journey. Having started as an amateur, she turned professional in the fall of 1997 after an impressive and promising run in zone events, provincial events, and national events. Stouffer’s career took her...

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Nov 16, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 85: Champion Series: The Rise of a Golf Prodigy with Gracie McGovern

This episode is particularly notable as we've finally managed to snag an exceptional junior golfer to join us on our virtual round. We are indeed in for a treat as we welcome Gracie McGovern, the talk of the town and the number-one female junior golfer in Arizona.

Even as a budding golfer,...

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Nov 14, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 82: Ladies League & Invitational Ideas from the Biggest Golf Club in Arizona with Sean Ferris

In this episode, Tori talks with Sean Ferris, the Tournament Director of the Desert Mountain Golf Club. Providing a detailed insight into the largest golf club in Arizona, the podcast delves into unique ideas for ladies leagues and invitational tournaments. As a beloved Arizona golf icon with...

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Nov 07, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 81: Golf Closet Preview: Golf Pants We Love, Part One

In this episode, Tori and Alix share their personal experiences, favorites, and detailed insights about this essential part of golf attire. As they explore a wide array of options, they aim to challenge the norm and change the narrative about golf pants by discussing various solutions to common...

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Nov 05, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 80: Championship Stories & Reflections with Sue Wooster

Today we have a very special guest joining the show: Sue Wooster. Wooster is currently ranked as the number three senior women golfer overall. Impressed? You should be. Such achievements aren’t easily attained. Being able to maintain a top ranking in a sport as challenging as golf...

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Oct 20, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 79: How to Make Golf EASY with Justin Klemballa

In this engaging episode of T-Time, Tori interviews returning guest Justin Klemballa, a golf coach. Justin shares insights about his busy summer golf season at Forest Highlands and looks forward to the equally bustling winter season at Paradise Valley. He discusses the difference between golf...

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