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Feb 18, 2024 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 110: The Episode About Hitting Bombs with Professional Long Driver, Gabi Powel

Tori is sitting down with professional long driver, Gabi Powel, to discuss her journey from being a competitive athlete in school to playing Division 1 golf in college to competing on the World Long Drive Tour.

They talk about:

  • What a long drive competition is like - the format, equipment used,...
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Feb 12, 2024 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 109: What's Exciting About Women's Golf with Fore the Ladies Founder, Abby Leibenthal

Tori, host of the T-Time with Tori podcast, sat down with fellow female golf podcaster Abby Liebenthal, founder of Fore the Ladies, to chat about all things exciting in women's golf right now.

They covered a wide range of topics from women's golf apparel brands at the 2024 PGA Show to changes in...

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Feb 02, 2024 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 106: Inside Look at This Year's PGA Show

Tori and Ashley are taking us on a quick tour live from the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando to get an exciting insider view of what to expect this year in golf.

Setting the Scene

Tori and Ashley have just arrived in Orlando for a whirlwind 24 hour trip to the PGA Show. They grab a quick dinner...

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Jan 05, 2024 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 98: (Part 2) Play Your Best Golf in 2024 with Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson of Vision54

In this episode of T-Time with Tori, hosts Tori and pro golfers Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson have an insightful conversation about golf skills beyond swing technique. Drawing from their expertise as co-founders of the VISION54 coaching program, Lynn and Pia share practical strategies to...

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Jan 03, 2024 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 97: Play Your Best Golf in 2024 w/ Lynn and Pia from VISION54

The podcast kicks off its "New Year New Golfer" series with an inspirational two-part interview with renowned golf coaches Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson, co-founders of Vision 54. In this episode, Lynn and Pia share the 8 essential playing skills from their bestselling book "Play Your Best Golf...

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Dec 15, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 92: 5 Ways You Can Work on Your Golf Game During the Off-Season with Justin Klemballa

As winter approaches and golfers in colder climates must take a break from playing on the course, it can be challenging to keep your skills sharp. However, the off-season presents opportunities to work on your game in creative ways. In this episode of the T-Time podcast, host Tori is joined...

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Nov 05, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 80: Championship Stories & Reflections with Sue Wooster

Today we have a very special guest joining the show: Sue Wooster. Wooster is currently ranked as the number three senior women golfer overall. Impressed? You should be. Such achievements aren’t easily attained. Being able to maintain a top ranking in a sport as challenging as golf...

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Sep 12, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 70: How This All Started… // Interview with the Average Sucks Podcast

Earlier this summer I did an interview with Michael Bernoff, host of the Average Sucks podcast. We went into depth on how and why this business was started and what our goals are for the future. If you ever wondered what we are up to at Compete Confidence Golf and how this all...

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Jul 27, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 59: Building a Better Female Experience from the Ground Up with Golf Course Architect, Christine Fraser

Tori is joined by the talented golf course architect Christine Fraser. They explore the captivating world of golf course design and gain insights into Christine's inspiring journey to becoming a leading figure in her field. The discussion explores the fascinating concept of links courses, the...

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Jul 08, 2023 T-Time Podcast // Ep. 52: Best of Quick-9 Series: Every Shot Must Have a Purpose

Today, Tori sits down with Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson, the internationally recognized co-founders of VISION54 and the highest-ranked female instructors in America. Together, they have authored several bestselling books, including Every Shot Must Have a Purpose which will be the focal point of...

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