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I picked up a club for the first time just over 15 years ago, and was immediately hooked.

Making your first birdie is one of the greatest
feelings in the world.

But I also remember how intimidated I was. When I joined
an 18-hole women’s golf league
a few years into my golf journey,
I was terrified.

During one of my first days
in the league, someone made a comment about how slow our group was.
I was holding back tears the rest of the round. I
could have given up after that experience, but I loved the game too much.

And now, more than 10 years later,
I’m really glad I didn’t.

Golf has challenged me both physically and
mentally. It’s changed my life. But, I still remember
exactly how it feels
in the beginning - to be nervous,

to feel like golf is too hard to
break into, to feel like
you have
no idea what you’re doing!

The comment that made me tear up all those years ago, I wouldn’t even think twice about today. Which is exactly why I started sharing what I know online with other women. So you can feel confident on the course, enjoy
the competition, and start having fun. No stress, no intimidation,
just great golf.

How I
got here


My first time on the range! Loved it
so much, I spent four days at a total immersion golf school.


I golfed here and there, but nothing too organized. I mostly participated in charity scrambles and rounds
with my husband.


Joined my first country club where I signed up for the 9-hole league on Tuesday nights. Attended sporadically, but I wasn’t super committed.


Became a member of my first 18-hole women’s league.


Played in my first big 3-day
partner invitational with a blind
date partner, Suzanne, who is still
a close friend to this day.

Played in my first Club Championship
and lost terribly. I wasn’t even in the Championship flight!

Played in my first State Partner Tournament.

Joined the Valley Team.


Joined the Papago Women’s Golf League.

Won my first BIG TOURNAMENT – Spring Fling Invitational with my buddy Kim Eaton.

First Hole in One at Papago,
#11, Pitching Wedge, 117 yards!


Continued to play in ladies leagues and state tournaments.


Became the Arizona Country
Club Women’s Golf Association President.


After losing four times, I finally won my first Club Championship


Compete Confidence Golf
was born!

I released my first online practice course, The Complete Confidence Signature Course.

Joined the AGA Women’s Tournament Committee


Justin Klemballa and I formed
BFore Golf and began filming for
our Beginner Golfer Program.

I released the program Short
Game 100.


Qualified and Attended my
USGA Mid-Amateur

First Girls Gone Golfing

Ireland Retreat

Released the BFore Golf Program


2022 Arizona Player of the Year

Elected to the Arizona Golf Association Executive Committee

Hosted our first Desert Classic Women’s Golf Tournament – with 216 Female Players at Papago for the 3-day experience.

Hosted the Girls Gone Golfing retreat
in Pinehurst

Hosted the Girls Gone Golfing retreat in Scotland

Hosted 95 players in the 2022 Danzante Bay Invitational


Hosted 220 Players at the 2023 Desert Classic in Phoenix, AZ

Hosted 229 Players at the 2023 Dallas Shootout in Frisco, TX

Hosted the 2023 Creek Cup at Pebble Beach

Hosted the 2023 Girls Gone Golfing to Ireland

Arizona Golf Association Executive Committee & Tournament Committee Member

Released Our Monthly Membership - Breaking Bogeys


Released the 100th episode of my          T-Time Podcast. 

For the first time, I extended the annual Desert Classic Tournament over a 2 week period. Over 400 women came to Papago to play either March 3rd-6th or March 10th-13th.

Hosting the 2024 Creek Cup
in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Hosting the Girls Gone Golfing retreat in Scotland.

Hosting over 200 players in Napa, CA for The California Crush Invitational.


  • You’re tired of seeing nothing but dudes on the course.
  • You love being active and outdoors.
  • You have a bit of a competitive spirit, but it’s all in good fun.
  • You’re looking for a community of other women golfers to connect with online and on the course.
  • You’re ready to up your golf game and feel more confident as an athlete.

WORK with me

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me a brief message with the details of your
request and I will get back to you.