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I’m on a mission to create an unmatched
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I picked up a club for the first time just over 15 years ago, and was immediately hooked.

Making your first birdie is one of the greatest
feelings in the world.

But I also remember how intimidated I was. When I joined
an 18-hole women’s golf league
a few years into my golf journey,
I was terrified.

During one of my first days
in the league, someone made a comment about how slow our group was.
I was holding back tears the rest of the round. I
could have given up after that experience, but I loved the game too much.

And now, more than 10 years later,
I’m really glad I didn’t.

Golf has challenged me both physically and
mentally. It’s changed my life. But, I still remember
exactly how it feels
in the beginning - to be nervous,

to feel like golf is too hard to
break into, to feel like
you have
no idea what you’re doing!

The comment that made me tear up all those years ago, I wouldn’t even think twice about today. Which is exactly why I started sharing what I know online with other women. So you can feel confident on the course, enjoy
the competition, and start having fun. No stress, no intimidation,
just great golf.

How I
got here


My first time on the range! Loved it
so much, I spent four days at a total immersion golf school.


I golfed here and there, but nothing too organized. I mostly participated in charity scrambles and rounds
with my husband.


Joined my first country club where I signed up for the 9-hole league on Tuesday nights. Attended sporadically, but I wasn’t super committed.


Became a member of my first 18-hole women’s league.


Played in my first big 3-day
partner invitational with a blind
date partner, Suzanne, who is still
a close friend to this day.

Played in my first Club Championship
and lost terribly. I wasn’t even in the Championship flight!

Played in my first State Partner Tournament.

Joined the Valley Team.


Joined the Papago Women’s Golf League.

Won my first BIG TOURNAMENT – Spring Fling Invitational with my buddy Kim Eaton.

First Hole in One at Papago,
#11, Pitching Wedge, 117 yards!


Met my friend, Molly, at the
Papago Women’s Golf League
and she’s been my go-to tournament partner ever since.


Became the Arizona Country
Club Women’s Golf Association President.


After losing four times, I finally won my first Club Championship


Compete Confidence Golf
was born!

I released my first online practice course, The Complete Confidence Signature Course.

Joined the AGA Women’s Tournament Committee


Justin Klemballa and I formed
BFore Golf and began filming for
our Beginner Golfer Program.

I released the program Short
Game 100.


Qualified and Attended my
USGA Mid-Amateur

First Girls Gone Golfing

Ireland Retreat

Released the BFore Golf Program


Elected to the Arizona Golf Association Executive Committee

Hosted our first Desert Classic Women’s Golf Tournament – with 216 Female Players at Papago for the 3-day experience.

Hosted the Girls Gone Golfing retreat
in Pinehurst

Hosted the Girls Gone Golfing retreat in Scotland

Hosted 95 players in the 2022 Danzante Bay Invitational


  • You’re tired of seeing nothing but dudes on the course.
  • You love being active and outdoors.
  • You have a bit of a competitive spirit, but it’s all in good fun.
  • You’re looking for a community of other women golfers to connect with online and on the course.
  • You’re ready to up your golf game and feel more confident as an athlete.

WORK with me

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me a brief message with the details of your
request and I will get back to you.