Intentional practice. Real results.

Practice with purpose and improve your game with Tori’s online practice programs designed with clear-cut plans to help you see real results in less time.

Breaking Bogeys

If you have golf goals

to crush,
this is for you!

The compete
Signature Course

Lower Your Handicap
just 6 Weeks!

Game 100

Are you ready to go ALL IN

on your short game?
The Coaching Membership
to Help Crush Your Goal Goals

The Breaking Bogeys Coaching Membership has live trainings with an opportunity for Q&A, weekly homework & accountability, additional technique & drill videos exclusive for this group, and last but not least… a community where you will be joining other golfers with the same exact goal. Whether its to break 90 or break 100, You will be able to go on this journey together and support & cheer each other throughout.



The Clear-Cut 30 day plan to
improve your short game.

Short Game 100 contains 30
easy-to-follow daily practice

plans, covering putting, chipping,
pitching, bunker shots, flop
and short yardage wedges.
This program is designed
to keep
you consistent with your short
game practice so you
can see
results and build your course
confidence faster.

Tori’s Signature Course
will up-
your golf game

in just 6 weeks!

The Compete Confidence
Signature Course is the
practice program. This online
course includes
30 individual
practice sessions, 32 quick-start
tracking sheets to record
your progress and tons of
- all of which you can access
right on the
course, from your
cell phone.


What people
are saying

“Whether you are young or
more importantly young at

heart, Tori is the person
I recommend to help you
achieve a
better golf game and
improved physical fitness. Her

encouraging nature along with
a realistic can-do attitude are

two of the attributes I admire
most about Tori. She makes

fun and inspiring, and I’ve

seen the results of her advice
and role-modeling pay off for

everyone she coaches.”


“Tori has grit and determination - add to that she practiced until she got it right and then transformed her body with diet and exercise. What an inspiration to others! All with a sense of humor and generous smile.”


“I’ve had the chance to play with Tori for years. I’ve watched her go from an average player to now one of the best players at our club. Tori got there by her hard work and dedication to the game. She knows how to “Practice with a Purpose” and the results have paid off. She went from average golfer to the Ladies Club Champion in a very short time. Tori knows how to inspire other people to play their best. I believe she is a born teacher.”


“Passion, Dedication, Education….this is Tori in a nutshell. Tori is encouraging, inviting, and supportive in her girlfriends’ personal golf journey. Tori knows how to make it fun while playing! From the moment I met Tori, I was a fan!”




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