Real Women.

Real Improvement.

Real GOLF.


Hi, I’m Tori!

I’ve been golfing recreationally
and competitively
for over 15
years, and I know firsthand —
it’s your first day on
the course or you're a
golfer — being a woman in this
can be intimidating and
isolating. But it doesn’t
have to
be. At least, not anymore.

It’s my mission to create better
resources and a
community for women of all
skill levels in
golf. Whether
improving your game at your
club, attending one of my
retreats, or competing

in my annual Desert Classic -
you won’t find a
community of
women like this anywhere else.


All-inclusive luxury golf retreats hosted at world class courses around the world.

Hosted at renowned golf
courses across the US and
internationally, these multi-day
events are all-inclusive. From
the moment you reach the
airport to the moment you
touch back down at home, you
won’t lift a finger. Upon arrival,
dive right into the fun with a
jam-packed schedule, full of
optional social events, and of course plenty of rounds on
the course!

Join the waitlist now to receive
insider updates on this year’s
upcoming retreat schedule.

The Annual

It’s more than just a tournament
— it’s an experience.

You don’t want to miss Tori’s
highly anticipated women’s
tournaments hosted three times a year including the signature event, The Desert Classic in Phoenix, Arizona! Spend
four days competing, meeting
other women who love golf,
and getting in on the action!

Tune into Your
Virtual t-time

T-Time with Tori Totlis is your all-access pass into the behind the scenes of women’s golf.

Host Tori Totlis will bring you everything you need to grow your golf game with tips, strategy, mindset shifts, a place to vent, inspiration, and motivation. Along with sharing her own golf experience, we have amazing weekly guests & cohosts that will share their wins, losses, challenges, top tips, and real stories from the golf course. Let’s come together, spread the word, and share our passion because this is women’s golf and it's incredible.


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  • More Ways to Play.
  • More Ways to Play.
  • More Ways to Play.
  • More Ways to Play.
  • More Ways to Play.
BFore Golf: Your
Track Guide
To Getting
With Golf

Fast track your learning with Tori’s
self-paced beginners
online golf
program. This three-part program takes
out the guesswork, detailing everything you need to
know before, during and after your first round of golf.
Together with Tori and Justin, you’ll cover golf basics,
course lingo, etiquette and rules,
so you can head to
the course with confidence.



Short Game 100:

The Practice Program

Improve your short game and blast past your plateau with
Tori’s 30-day short game practice program and workbook.
Work through 10 easy-to-follow drills covering putting,
chipping, pitching, bunkers, and short wedge distances in
30 days of unique practice outlines, right on your home
course. Plus, take advantage of tons of extras so you can
track your progress and stats.

Compete Confidence:
Signature Course

Take your golf skills to the next level with Tori’s Signature
Compete Confidence Course. Lower your handicap and
build your confidence through this six week practice plan
created specifically for female recreational golfers. Gain
instant access to over 30 instructional videos,
customized tracking sheets, and an exclusive
members-only private community - plus bonus
materials you don’t want to miss!


Download the Free
Round Report Card

Track your stats, save time, and start
making serious progress.