Tori Totlis

Creator of the
Compete Confidence Signature Course

Specializing in Women's Golf Practice Programs, Golf Retreats & Tournaments

<b>Creator of the <br>Compete Confidence
Signature Course<p
Specializing in Women's Golf Practice Programs, Golf Retreats & Tournaments

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about me

My passion is encouraging women to get out and play golf.

Ultimately, I am a content creator and my goal with every piece of content is to make golf more accessible and less intimidating for women that want to starting playing later in life!

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BFore Golf: Fast Track Guide to Getting Started with Golf

Are you interested in playing golf but have no idea where to start?

BFore Golf is the online program for you!

Justin Klemballa and I wanted to make a beginner golf program that would teach someone everything they need to know BEFORE you actually hit a golf ball!


Short Game 100 Practice Program

The Short Game 100 program was created to give you a clear-cut practice plan to improve your short game.

This program include 30 unique short game practice sessions that are meant to be completed in 40 minutes or less. Each session covers putting, chipping, bunkers and short yardage pitch shots.

If you are ready to improve your short game in 30 days or less, this program is for you!

I need a short game plan!



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