May 02, 2024

Building a Product that Makes a Difference with Jane Spicer and Debbie Waitkus

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In this inspiring episode of T-Time with Tori, we meet two incredible women who have made their mark in the golf industry: Debbie Waitkus, co-founder of Golf It Forward and Golf For Cause, and Jane Spicer, founder and owner of Daphne's Head Covers.

Meet the Guests

Debbie Waitkus

  • Co-founder of Golf It Forward and Golf For Cause
  • Passionate about promoting women's golf and creating opportunities for young golfers

Jane Spicer

  • Founder and owner of Daphne's Head Covers
  • Started her first company at age 10, making stuffed toys and puppets
  • Turned her passion into a global business, now in its 46th year

Jane's Journey: From Sailboats to Golf Clubs

Jane's entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age. At just 10 years old, she asked her mother for a sailboat. Her mother's response? "Think of a business and earn it yourself." And that's exactly what Jane did.


From stuffed toys to puppets, Jane's business grew. Then, a chance encounter changed everything. Someone suggested she make golf club covers, and with her mother's encouragement (and the promise of a car if she sold enough), Jane dove into the world of golf head covers.

The Birth of Daphne's Head Covers

Armed with a patent leather hat box filled with samples, 16-year-old Jane walked into the Arizona Biltmore and pitched her head covers to the director of golf, Pete. His response?

  • "That was the worst sales pitch I've ever heard in my life."
  • "Your head covers are great and I'm going to buy them."
  • "I'm going to give you some sales pointers and send you to two of my colleagues so you can grow your business."

And grow it did. Today, Daphne's Head Covers is a global business, celebrating its 46th year and still going strong.

The Tiger Woods Connection

One of Jane's most memorable moments came when Tiger Woods' mother called to order a tiger head cover. The conversation almost ended before it began, with a misunderstanding about availability. But Jane quickly saved the day.

"Hi, hi, hi. We have tigers. We didn't have any tigers. But there was no way ... and that was my first conversation with Ms. Woods, and we had a lovely conversation..." - Jane Spicer

Since then, Tiger has carried Jane's tiger head cover, embroidered with a special message from his mother: "Love from mom." And now, his son Charlie carries on the tradition, with a cover that reads "Love from grandma."

The Importance of Personal Connection

For Jane, the success of Daphne's Head Covers isn't just about the numbers. It's about the personal connections she makes with her customers.

"We call them love notes and we get them all the time at Daphne's." - Jane Spicer

From a Scottish nobleman who cherished his well-worn head cover to the daily messages from satisfied customers, Jane understands the power of a personal touch in building a lasting business.

Scaling the Business: Challenges and Triumphs

As Daphne's Head Covers grew, Jane faced the challenges of scaling a business. From filing cabinets in the bathtub to a fax machine on the kitchen counter, she did whatever it took to keep up with demand.

"I worked around the clock to make that work and the meantime we moved to a bigger business bigger building my mom died suddenly and which was terrible, but this was great in that it just distracted me and I moved forward. I knew that's what she wanted me to do. But my son slept on the factory floor. There was no time to go home or anything." - Jane Spicer

Through long hours, creative problem-solving, and a dedication to quality, Jane built Daphne's Head Covers into the thriving business it is today.

The Power of Perseverance

For Jane, the key to success is simple: perseverance. She likens building a business to hiking, with its ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs.

Golf It Forward: Honoring the Founders of Women's Golf

Debbie Waitkus, along with Jane and a group of passionate individuals, co-founded Golf It Forward (also known as the Marilyn Smith and Founders Legacy Foundation) to honor the 13 founders of the LPGA and support the next generation of female golfers.

Through scholarships, mentorship, and preserving the history of women's golf, Golf It Forward aims to carry on the legacy of trailblazers like Marilyn Smith.

The Marilyn Smith Connection

Marilyn Smith, one of the 13 founders of the LPGA, was a driving force behind Golf It Forward. Her passion for supporting young female golfers stemmed from her own experience of being denied a college scholarship because of her gender.

Marilyn's legacy lives on through the scholarships provided by Golf It Forward, which not only help young women attend college but also provide them with a supportive community and mentorship.

The Importance of Lifting Women

For both Debbie and Jane, the goal is clear: to lift up women in golf and beyond. Whether it's through scholarships, mentorship, or simply leading by example, they believe in the power of supporting and encouraging one another.

The Future of Women's Golf

As women's golf continues to grow and evolve, Debbie and Jane see a bright future ahead. They believe in the power of innovation, perseverance, and supporting one another to create new opportunities and break down barriers.

Key Takeaways

  • Perseverance is key to success in business and life
  • Personal connections and a dedication to quality can build a lasting business
  • Supporting and lifting up women in golf and beyond is crucial for progress
  • Honoring the legacy of trailblazers can inspire the next generation
  • The future of women's golf is bright, with opportunities for growth and innovation


This episode of T-Time with Tori showcases the incredible stories of two women who have made their mark in the golf industry. From Jane Spicer's entrepreneurial journey with Daphne's Head Covers to Debbie Waitkus's mission to honor the founders of women's golf through Golf It Forward, these trailblazers inspire us all to persevere, innovate, and lift each other up.

As women's golf continues to grow and evolve, it's clear that the future is bright. With the support of organizations like Golf It Forward and the dedication of individuals like Jane and Debbie, there's no limit to what we can achieve on and off the course.


So let's take a page from their playbook: grab our clubs, support one another, and keep pushing forward. The best is yet to come.

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