Jul 13, 2023

T-Time Podcast // Ep. 56: Let's Get REAL About Club Fitting with the Legend... Sue O'Connor

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Sue O'Connor, an experienced club fitter from Cool Clubs, joins Tori. Sue has extensive experience in custom golf club fitting and building, making her one of the few women in the United States specializing in fitting clubs with aftermarket shafts tailored to individual specifications. They will discuss various aspects of club fitting, including cost ranges, personal golf game experiences, and what customers can anticipate when working with the Cool Clubs team.

Starting Golf and Becoming a Club Fitter

Sue's journey into golf and club fitting was accidental. Living near a practice facility in Chicago, she often received clubs from a local fitter. Curious about the different club combinations, she asked questions and eventually joined the fitter's team. Regarding golf, Sue's ex-husband arranged for her to attend golf school despite her initial reluctance. Surprisingly, she enjoyed hitting balls and quickly became hooked on the game. Golf provided fun and excitement and allowed her to meet fascinating people who share a common love for the sport and abide by a unified set of rules.

All-things Cool Clubs

Cool Clubs offers club fitting for all golfers, regardless of handicap. Properly fitted clubs tailored to your swing can greatly improve your game. They have passionate fitters who use data-driven analysis with TrackMan technology to find the best club combinations for you. The brand doesn't matter; it's about finding the optimal fit based on your swing. Indoor and outdoor fittings are available, but outdoor fittings are not conducted in Arizona during summer due to extreme heat. Choose the right clubs for your skill level and enjoy the game.

Getting Club Fitted at Cool Clubs

The team at Cool Clubs offers personalized club fittings for different parts of your golf bag, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and putters. They evaluate your current clubs, collect data, and use it to find the best combinations that work for you.  You don't need a full set of 14 clubs; they recommend effective clubs tailored to your game. As you improve, you can add clubs to fill gaps. If you're unsure about making adjustments, consult a local PGA professional.

When to Get Fitted for Clubs

If you're not getting the desired results from your clubs based on your swing, it's a good time to consider getting them fitted. Whether it's addressing a slice or optimizing your driver length, a club fitting can help improve your ball flight and overall performance on the course. By analyzing your swing mechanics and selecting the right shaft and club specifications, a fitting can significantly maximize your potential and enhance your game.

Let’s Talk About Shafts & Gender

Shafts are no longer classified solely based on gender but rather on frequency or stiffness; it's about finding the right shaft for your swing speed and loading characteristics. Manufacturers may still use labels like ladies, men, or seniors, but no industry standard exists. The key is to focus on ball flight and performance rather than relying on the label. Different players load the club differently, requiring varying stiffness profiles. During fittings, the goal is to find the optimal shaft and club head combination. While it may seem like a puzzle with many configurations, the average number of configurations required to find the best-fitting irons varies from golfer to golfer.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Average Configurations in Club Fittings at Cool Clubs

Three shafts and club heads are commonly tested during a club fitting session to find the best fit based on the golfer's swing mechanics. Important factors like launch height and spin level are determined through careful observation. A golfer's performance on a specific day doesn't affect the fitting process, as fundamental mechanics remain consistent. The collected data serves as a reference for future decisions like keeping or acquiring new clubs or seeking advice from a swing coach. It provides clarity and enables informed choices.

Cost Range for Club Fitting

Club fitting at Cool Clubs can range from $150 to $500, depending on what your goals are. For example, they offer a comprehensive indoor fitting package for $400, which takes about four and a half hours. Putter fitting is crucial, and Cool Clubs uses TrackMan technology to analyze and improve your putting stroke. They provide options with different price points to accommodate various budgets, ensuring you find a suitable and cost-effective solution.

Key TrackMan Stats for Game Improvement

If you want to improve your golf game, TrackMan stats are the game-changing metrics that can revolutionize your performance. These are the key ones you need to consider:

1.   Land Angle, Club Head Speed, and Ball Speed:

Land angle refers to the angle at which the ball descends back to the fairway. A land angle of 30 to 35 degrees is desirable for drivers as it maximizes total distance. Finding the right spin and launch angle characteristics is important to achieve the optimal land angle. Higher land angles are preferred for irons to facilitate better stopping power on the green. It's crucial to avoid hitting shots too low or too high, as they can result in reduced distance or lack of control.

2.   Club Speed:

Club speed varies among golfers, affecting the choice of shaft stiffness. Golfers with higher club speeds, like Tori, require a shaft that loads differently than those with slower speeds. For slower swing speeds, a softer tip shaft can assist in launching the ball higher. Matching the shaft's characteristics with the golfer's club speed is crucial to optimize performance.


In conclusion, Cool Clubs offers golfers a personalized club-fitting experience focused on optimizing performance. By considering factors like land angle, club speed, and ball speed, their knowledgeable fitters ensure the perfect fit for each golfer. With options for different budgets, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Cool Clubs enhances distance, control, and overall game enjoyment through tailored club fittings.

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