Jan 08, 2022

How to Avoid the Most Common Course Management Mistakes

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A key component of great golf strategy is having the foresight to avoid making some of the more common mistakes on the green. In an effort to help you avoid these, we’re giving you our best tips and tricks to overcome and conquer them.

Mistake #1: Focusing Too Much on the Pin

When golfers take dead-aim at the pin every time they step up to swing, they’re neglecting to consider the many variables that could be at play. For example, on a hundred-yard shot, you may only have a few feet of space on the green behind the hole. If you swing straight for the pin and overpower by just a fraction, you’ll likely end up overshooting the hole, and your ball will end up in a tough spot.

Where the pin is doesn’t matter as much as getting the ball on a green and setting yourself up for a great play. Putting for birdie is always better than chipping for birdie. Get the ball in the middle of the green no matter where the pin is, and you’re going to be way better off.

Mistake #2: Neglecting Your Next Shot

Where is your next shot going to come from? Looking at where the bigger space is in the fairway is a great place to start. If you have a longer drive and can take a bunker, for example, with ease, you can opt for a more aggressive route to find an open area. If you aren’t as long of a driver, it’s important to find an open spot that allows you to avoid any problem areas on the green - like bunkers or foliage. Thinking about your next shot is crucial, and great golfers are always looking at least two steps ahead. Ask yourself, “What am I going to be doing next after I hit this shot?”

Mistake #3: Planning and Executing Conservatively

Dr. Bob Rotella says “plan conservatively, execute aggressively.” We often see players nail this first part and plan conservatively in order to take a realistic approach to their game. But where they often fall short is in the execution, where they should take an aggressive approach to making the shot. Executing conservatively will only result in underpowered and underperforming shots, and we don’t want that! We want powerful, confident swings in order to see results on the green. If you’re planning conservatively, you need to aggressively commit to your swing in order to overcome those plans.

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