Jul 14, 2022

Best Women’s Golf Clothes and Apparel Brands

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Even if you’re a brand-new golfer—even if you’ve never golfed!—you know that there are rules about what you can and cannot wear when playing golf.

Like most sports, you want to wear something comfortable and functional to play golf. But on top of that, there are rules about what’s allowed on the court. No jeans, no t-shirts, collars, fabrics, footwear… there are a lot of different dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing what to wear on the golf course.

To make it easier for you, there are tons of women’s golf clothes and apparel companies that make clothing that hits the balance of style, functionality, and appropriateness for the golf course! You might have your tried-and-true brand, but it’s always good to add some more outfits to your roster.

Here’s the run-down or all the women’s golf clothes and apparel brands you need to know about!


Top Women’s Golf Clothes and Apparel Brands

Let’s just start by saying there are a lot of different women’s golf clothes out there. Which is great! We love options. But each woman is different in her style, body shape, and preferences, so it may take a bit of time to figure out exactly what works for you.

Here are some of our top women’s golf clothes and apparel brands. A bunch of these were new to us, so here’s a run-down of the features and characteristics of some of the options we tried on!

1. Taylor Jordan

We love our Taylor Jordan tanks. They’re staples in our golf wardrobe and are always there, always dependable. Taylor Jordan was founded in 2016 by a husband and wife duo from Phoenix, Arizona. As a small, intimate company, they’re able to listen to customers and collect feedback on what’s working. They design classic styles inspired by where they live (Arizona) and where they’re from (Minnesota)—golf clothing for any weather!

Features of Taylor Jordan tanks:

  • Great basics and staples of your closet.
  • Good fit; long fit with a good collar.
  • Great options for larger busts; women with small busts might find it to gap or have loose arm holes.

Check them out here: www.taylorjordanusa.com
iscount Code: TTGOLF

2. Tzu Tzu Sport

Tzu Tzu is another great option for tops, especially if you’re looking for something bold and colorful to turn some heads. Tzu Tzu Sport started in 2012 with a sketch on a cocktail napkin. Founder Lisa Krosschell turned her passion for golf and fashion into a career, growing the company into the force it is today—with an all-female team to boot!

Features of Tzu Tzu:

  • Thicker, performance fabric.
  • Longer skirts with a narrow fit.
  • Lots of colorful and patterned tanks.
  • Racerback style tank is wider in the back than other styles.
  • All clothing is made in the USA.

Check them out here: www.tzutzusport.com

3. JoFit

JoFit is an awesome woman-owned company that designs sportswear for tennis and swimming as well as golf. JoFit’s founder, Joanne Clark, began the company determined to empower women to play golf and break down the walls of the “Old Boys Club.” She believes that well-fitting, stylish, and functional clothing is the key to building confidence and empowering women in sport!

Features of JoFit clothing:

  • Fun patterns.
  • Reliable fit between styles.
  • Good on-and-off course top.

Check them out here: www.jofit.com

4. Foray Golf

Foray golf tops have a great look and awesome, vibrant colors (just check out their Instagram to see what we’re talking about!). But what we love most about this brand is that it’s founded and run by women. Founder Megan LaMothe leads the team made of 90% female employees who are all supported with generous benefits and maternity leave options.

Features of Foray Golf:

  • Vibrant colors.
  • More of a boxy shape, great for tucking in.
  • Deep button-down option.
  • Mesh cut-out on the back.

One note to be aware of, though—this brand can get pretty wrinkly when you wash it!

Check them out here: www.foraygolf.com

5. Renwick Golf

We love Renwick for their classic golf designs, inspired by the founders’ experiences growing up in a golf family. Sisters Sarah and Pippa Renwick always loved their dad’s golf polo shirts—soft fabrics, preppy colors, good for any occasion. They wanted to take that classic style and make it something that women could include in their wardrobe… and Renwick was born!

Features of Renwick Golf:

  • Classic, preppy golf styles.
  • Cotton-feeling fabric, but still stretchy. This fabric might be heavy for a hot summer day.

Check them out here: www.renwickgolf.com

6. Golftini

Golftini’s tops are different than some of the other brands on the list. The fabric they use is smooth and stretchy, but without the sports performance feel.

Golftini is another woman owned and operated company, with founder and designer Susan Hess starting the company back in 2005. Her original goal was to create an attractive golf skort that was function and fashionable. Today it’s grown to be a popular golfwear brand in over 500 clubs and resorts worldwide.

Features of Golftini:

  • Super-flattering cut; shorter length with a collar.
  • Comfortable, attractive fabric.

Check them out here: www.golftiniwear.com


IBKÜL was launched in 2015 and is an innovative brand with a unique fabric to help keep you cool on a hot day. IBKÜL also has a full tennis and equestrian collection, both made with their innovative cooling fabrics.

Features of IBKÜL:

  • Cuffed tank design.
  • Unique fabric design to keep you cool, even when sweating.

Full disclosure here—Tori loves this brand, but Sarah didn’t!

Check them out here: www.ibkul.com

8. Jayebird

This brand has perfected the on-course, off-course transition. You can totally go around your day-to-day life in Jayebird without looking like you’ve come off the golf course.

Jayebird is founded by Katie Byrnes, who launched the brand in 2018 while living in Hong Kong. With close access to manufacturing, she could oversee all elements of the design and manufacturing process. Inspired by men’s golfwear that could be worn everywhere from the office to vacation, Katie developed her own line of clothing that’s perfect on and off the green.

Features of Jaybird:

  • Thin, stretchy fabric.
  • Preppy styles and patterns.
  • Can show more cleavage if you want.
  • Can be worn out to dinner or other non-golf activities.

Check them out here: www.jayebirdgolf.com. They also have an awesome Pinterest board for your style inspiration!

9. Ladies Only Golf

Ladies Only Golf makes comfortable, fashionable golf tops that are particularly good for cooler weather. It’s a pretty new brand on the scene, started in 2020 by Jennifer Ogilvie and Sutton Schuler. All clothes are designed in Colorado and made in Los Angeles.

Features of Ladies Only Golf:

  • More muted colors and designs.
  • Stretchy, soft fabric.

Check them out here: www.ladiesonlygolf.com

Other Golf Brands

There are a few other brands that you’ve likely already heard about that have excellent women’s golf clothes. These aren’t new to us, so we’re adding them here as honorable mentions:

The Final Verdict

Okay, before we rank all these brands, we’ll remind you: not everything is good for everyone! Make sure you go around and shop all the brands to see what works and doesn’t work for you.

But, after trying on a bunch of new brands for this blog, we ranked the top choices of ones that we never tried before. From top to bottom, we ranked the new women’s golf clothes we tried on as follows: Golftini, JoFit, Jayebird, Foray, Renwick, and then IBKÜL.

But that’s just us. What’s your favorite brand? Reach out to let us know! And make sure to share your photos on social media and tag us so we can see all your golf fits!



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