Jan 29, 2024

Inside Look and Reflections on the VISION54 Golf Camp Experience

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Tori interviews past participant Jenny about her experience at the VISION54 Human Skills Camp. They discuss Jenny’s background getting into golf, her initial impressions of the camp, the daily schedule and structure, the on-course learning approach, the inclusive and supportive environment, and the transformative mindset principles she took away.

Jenny’s Golf Background

Jenny got into golf at a young age with her dad, then picked it back up during the pandemic as an activity she could do safely outdoors with family. She took lessons and started playing frequently to improve. After discovering Tori online, Jenny was inspired by the women’s golf community and signed up for a trip to Ireland. This accelerated her progress and passion for the game. With a 22 handicap index at the time, the Ireland trip gave Jenny confidence that she could enjoy golf at any level.

Getting Started During the Pandemic

When many activities were shut down in 2020, Jenny revisited golf as a way to get outdoors. She played alongside her niece and nephew, traveling around the Midwest and taking lessons to build skills. Tracking Tori’s events motivated her to sign up for the Ireland trip despite being new to the game.

Ireland Trip Experience

Even as a high handicapper on her first group trip, Jenny was welcomed into the women’s golf community. She learned about staying present instead of judging each shot. Her experience at Royal County Down stood out as a breathtaking course unlike anything she’d played before.

Signing Up for VISION54

On the recommendation of a new friend from the Ireland trip, Jenny signed up for a 3-day VISION54 camp to continue improving. She consulted with VISION54’s team to determine that the “Human Skills” camp would most benefit her game at that stage.

Choosing the Right Camp

VISION54 offers instruction camps focused both on swing techniques as well as mental approach. For Jenny's skill level, the coaches felt Human Skills would help her development more than the Super Golfer camp.

Following a Friend's Advice

An Ireland trip participant named Rochelle raved about her VISION54 camp experience. Since Jenny was still quite new to golf, Rochelle's advice prompted her to give it a try.

Initial Impressions

Jenny initially expected the camp to focus on technical aspects like swing positions. However, she was pleasantly surprised to find the entire curriculum centered around the mental side of golf. Concepts covered included mindset, feeling, balance, process over outcome, and letting go of judgment.

Daily Schedule

The 3-day camp features a very intentional schedule, beginning at 8:30am and ending around 4pm each day. Mornings focus on lessons and practicing related skills drills, while the afternoon includes 6 holes of guided course play. Lunch is provided, and the small student-instructor ratio ensures individualized attention.

Key Skills and Drills

Instead of technical swing changes, the VISION54 coaching focuses on balance, tempo, tension, feel, and other mental skills that most impact consistency and enjoyment.

Some of the Main Drill Include:

  • Club throwing - develops feel for proper release
  • Hitting shots with eyes closed - improves balance and tempo
  • Short game visualization - trains imagery and commitment
  • Tuning into emotional state - builds awareness and positivity

The instructors also emphasize maintaining helpful notes and reminders to reference later when playing regular rounds.

On-Course Application

The afternoon course play allows students to apply the mindset skills from that day’s lessons immediately. Instructors have students pick one specific area to focus on per hole without concern for final scores. This further engrains the importance of committing to the process over outcome.

Camaraderie Among Students

Jenny highly valued the small group discussions, where students could learn from each other's unique experiences and breakthroughs. She cites examples of two elderly women finding joy in golf again after health issues or skill declines. The openness and journey of self-improvement bonded the whole group. 

Instructor Expertise

Both Tori and Jenny heap praise on the VISION54 instructors, who make students of all skill levels feel welcomed while positively reinforcing lessons. Their own personal stories and passion for the game enhanced each student’s growth and enjoyment.

Using Tools After Camp

VISION54 provides various tools like journals, scorecards, and skill reminder cards for practice. Jenny references these to ingrain helpful mantras and purposefully track progress. Tori sings “Mama Mia” after bad shots as her audible trigger to move on.

Impact on Scores and Mindset

Though Tori’s first tournament after camp didn’t go score-wise as hoped, she felt gratitude for the challenge to test her new skills in action. She references continuing to practice concepts from VISION54 rather than specific swing fixes. Jenny aims to break 90 consistently in 2024 by focusing on enjoyment over outcomes.

Custom Club Fitting

As part of her golf journey, Jenny also got custom fitted for new irons after realizing the significant performance impact properly fit clubs can provide. She immediately noticed positive differences in her ball striking.

Fitting Golf in a Busy Schedule

Jenny discusses the challenges of improving at golf while working full time, a predicament many female golfers face. She stresses the importance of setting boundaries, being purposeful about scheduling practice time, and finding leagues or trips that align with availability.

Looking Ahead to Upcoming Events

Both Jenny and Tori express excitement for their upcoming tournament trip to Palm Desert as well as their Scotland excursion later this year. They plan to continue applying VISION54’s wisdom while simply enjoying time together on the journey of golf and life. 

Final Takeaways

Both Jenny and Tori had extremely positive experiences at the VISION54 Human Skills Camp. They appreciated the welcoming environment, engaging coaches, and thoughtful curriculum focused on emotional awareness and love for the game rather than scores.

Jenny is excited to apply her new mental skills in an upcoming tournament in preparation for a big golf trip to Scotland later this year. She feels grateful for having discovered this supportive women's golf community that is helping her enjoy rapid improvement as a relative beginner.

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