Aug 09, 2021

What to Wear on the Golf Course

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If you’re a beginner to the world of golfing, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to wear on the course to fit in. There are a whole variety of options to choose from, but following the key rules are essential to be properly prepared to hit the range.

Keep reading to hear all of my top tips for men and women on how to dress your best for the golf course!

What is the Proper Golfing Attire for Men?


Collared Shirt, Always Tucked In

This rule is pretty self-explanatory. Golfing tradition states that men should always wear a collared shirt, even if the style you choose is more casual than the usual button-up. Once you’ve got your collar sorted out, it’s also important to remember that your top half should always be tucked in.

As well as looking super smart, you’ll be sure to blend right in with the professionals on your course!

Smart Pants or Bermuda Shorts

The rules are a little more relaxed when it comes to your bottom half. A pair of chino-style trousers will serve you well, as will a smart pair of bermuda shorts.

The only thing to remember when shopping for these items is to avoid unnecessary utility pockets down the leg. These aren’t really in keeping with the golfing style, and your golf bag will have all of the pockets you could ever need!

Soft Spike Shoes or Sneakers

Gone are the days of metal spike shoes – if you’re after a little extra grip these days, soft spikes are the way to go. Most golfing shoes come with these already, so any choice from your local golfing store will be absolutely perfect.

Regular sneakers are also a great choice. I’ve played golf in my Nike running shoes on several occasions and they’re a perfect fit for both style and comfort.

What Should Women Wear on the Golf Course?


Collared Shirt With Optional Tucking

The rules regarding collared shirts apply to both men and women, with a few small exceptions.

Whether it’s a full collar or a simple mock style instead, all short-sleeved options for women must be complete with some kind of collaring. Long-sleeved options allow for a little more flexibility and you won’t require the collar if you’re opting for this choice.

Another difference to the rules applies to tucking. While men have to tuck their shirts in for a game of golf, women can choose whether to tuck or not depending on how well it works with the rest of their outfit.

Mid-Length Skirts, Shorts or Pants 

I often get asked about what women should aim to wear on their bottom half. Like with male styling, bermuda shorts or smart pants are a great option on windy or colder weather days.

Skirts are the most popular option for women, but getting the length right is important. Traditionally, ladies should aim for a mid-length style to meet the requirements of the golfing course.

To make sure your skirt isn’t too short, simply take a scoring card and place it length-ways above the knee. If your skirt falls significantly higher than the card, it’s probably best to look for one that meets it or surpasses it instead.

The Same Shoe Rules Apply to Men and Women

While the other recommendations are slightly different for men and women, you’ll be happy to hear that shoe rules are the same for both genders.

A golfing shoe with soft spikes or a simple pair of sneakers are perfect for hitting the golfing range, so don’t be afraid to experiment with whatever works best for you.

Professional shoes can be quite the investment, so making use of your go-to running pair or some athletic tennis sneakers can be a much smarter choice for beginners. 

So, that’s everything you need to know about golfing attire for men and women! With these simple rules in mind, you can find plenty of options that represent your style while keeping you comfortable on the course.

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