Oct 14, 2022

Favorite Winter Golf Apparel – Pants, Vests, Sweaters – All of it!

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Favorite Winter Golf Apparel 

One main reason golf courses require a dress code is to create a sense of professionalism and respectability. When you walk onto the course, you want to look like a professional golfer who takes the game seriously. Sports apparel helps you project the right image and make a good first impression on players and spectators. However, wearing the right golf attire for the weather/season is also advisable.  In this episode, Tori and Sarah mainly focus on the right dress code for a golf course during winter. Colder weather on the course can drive some into hibernation but if you are a committed year-round golfer, knowing how to dress in your golf attire for the colder months is key. The main goal is to have the freedom and flexibility to swing and move around while staying warm.

Ideal winter golf clothes; pants

Golf pants are the most asked question because it is a difficult thing to find good pants. Once I find them, I just stay loyal to them, it's very hard for me to switch.”


Choosing the right kind of pants can be tricky, but knowing that comfort is most important. You can select golf pants that give you comfort and ease of movement. If you decide to wear a base layer under your pants, make sure you can stretch and swing without feeling constricted. The best thing about wearing additional layers is the ability to remove your golf clothing as the day warms up or your body temperature gets too hot. Keep your layers nearby so you can keep yourself warm on a cold day when the sun disappears throughout your 18-hole golf game.

Another thing is to wear pants and no golfing skirt. Some women like pairing them with a tank underneath or bottom layer, a light long sleeve, and sometimes the Girls Gone Golfing jacket! Tori's ideal outfit is ankle pants with sneakers and collared tanks. Or just a regular Taylor Jordan tank! Sometimes she, too, tops up the look with a pullover sweater and then a vest. Her favorite pants are the Mulligan Ankle Pants.


“Joggers are definitely getting more popular, more normal on the golf courses, they're totally fine on public golf courses. But if you're going to a private course, maybe ask the people you're playing with to see if it's okay or call the pro shop ahead of time.”

Golf joggers are perfectly appropriate to wear on the course, provided they don’t have drawstrings, which are classified as forbidden attire by most courses. If you’re going to your local course, you’ll be fine wearing joggers; just ensure they’re clean, presentable, and don’t have holes. If you’re going to a higher-end country club, they might have a stricter dress code, so check their website and see if they say anything about it. Most places will say that you can’t wear denim or pants that are too long and bulky, and as long as your joggers are nicely fitted and clean, you should have no issues getting on the golf course. For golf, the perfect joggers are the Lululemon Align high-rise. They are so weightless and buttery soft, and all you feel is your practice.

Upper-half of the body golf apparel; sweaters, hoodies, and vests

Vests are an essential piece in any golfing wardrobe. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of warmth and protection from the elements without impeding mobility when it comes to swinging the golf club. It’s easy to take on or off and will store compactly in most golf bag pockets. Vests are perhaps the best piece of golf apparel you can invest in for unpredictable weather; they keep your core warm but allow your arms to move without restriction or bulkiness.

Hoodies are slowly becoming acceptable on golf courses. The added benefits of playing golf in a hoodie include a warm top that covers your neck, ears, and arms. Hoodies are relatively inexpensive, and you can get yourself into a nice, wearable garment. Lastly, the right sweater will be lightweight, breathable, and add warmth when you need it. It also will add versatility to your golf wardrobe so that you don’t have to bring a change of clothes for post-round plans. Look for sweaters with a touch of stretch in the fabric split so you can swing a golf club in it. Some of the remarkable brands for golf sweaters, hoodies, and vests that both Sarah and Tori recommend are Lululemon and Climaloft.


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