Oct 18, 2022

Behind the Scenes at the Danzante Bay Invitational! And a 2023 Desert Classic Sneak Peek!

The Danzante Bay Invitational

There are many different reasons people throw golf events. Golf tournaments are a great way to bring close friends closer and make new friendships alike. It is a relaxed environment to get to work on solidifying what is important in life. Golf tournaments can also foster participation in a club or event you are involved with. You can use it as a bonding experience for existing members, or as a tool to encourage new members or participants to join your activity. It’s a great way to get people feeling involved and show them what your club or event is all about! after seeing how well the all-men ones were doing, Tori came up with the idea of hosting an all-women golf retreat. Why should men have all the fun? She got to host the Danzante Bay Invitational in October of 2022. Keep reading for all the things that go into one of these tournaments!

Why Tori began doing female golf tournaments

“What sets the tournaments apart is that we definitely go the extra mile. We want it to be extravagant, we want it to be one of a kind and we want you walking away with new lifetime friends, which you will 100%.”

Tori began doing these tournaments and retreats to bring women together, women who love golf. She wanted to host tournaments that were over the top in comparison to retreats held by men. She wanted to make these best-in-class tournaments, with top-notch accommodations, destinations, and everything in between. In March of 2022, The Desert Classic Tournament, an all-women event, was born. Spoiler alert… IT WAS A HIT! Over 200 women showed up and paid the registration fee, proving that such events were in demand. Women in golf want these experiences! They want quality food, excellent music, and award-winning golf.

What sets Tori’s tournaments apart is her team. They all understand the passion and fun that these tournaments can achieve! They want it to be extravagant, they want it to be one of a kind, and they want the players to walk away with new lifelong friends! The home of the Danzante Bay Invitational is the TPC Danzante Bay in Loreto, Mexico. The course itself is beautiful, with ocean views, and it is in pristine condition. The package is all-inclusive, including lodging, food, drink, and much more.

The Swag Bags and Themes

“The heavylifting is taken care of for you, all the planning is taken care of for you. We communicate to you throughout the entire time so that you can fully embrace and be present in what you do.”

The swag for the Danzante Bay Invitational is at a different level. Even though the packages are a bit more than expensive than Desert Classic’s, it shows in the swag bag. Some highlights include a waterproof Hi Love bag and boxes of either Pro V1 or Pro V1Xs. The shirt included is a Taylor Jordan Racerback specially designed for tournament attendees. But, there are extras available on Taylor Jordan’s website! There is a limited quantity available, so make sure you check it out soon! Most of the information about the tournament is dealt out digitally, but everyone will receive a hard copy of their itinerary in their swag bag. Other ways Tori communicates with the players are via Zoom calls, emails, and text messages. And OH YES! There are different themes assigned for each day. For example, the first day, Friday, is neon, and the second day is pink + navy.

Format for the Danzante Bay Invitational

First and foremost, the ladies played three full rounds of golf over the five-day retreat. During the first day’s round, the players participated in a practice round with a Skins game. On the second day of playing, their morning shotgun game was a scramble. Finally, in the last round, they played as Best Ball. Both gross and net prizes will be dealt out after the tournament! If you want more details about this upcoming retreat, please head to the Girls Gone Golfing Instagram page or any of their social media pages to take a peek to get a full inside look at what's happening! The Danzante Bay was an experience you need to catch up on!


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