Aug 25, 2022

What We Can Learn from Playing & Observing College Golfers

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As recreational golfers, don’t be scared of college players! While they may not have years of experience, there is quite a bit they can teach us out on the green. Whether you’re playing them or merely observing, take notes and learn from them. 

Tournaments used to frown upon college players attending, but now they are embraced. As they should be! Playing with college players can give us a new perspective on playing, and you might even learn a thing or two. At the end of the day, golf should be fun for everyone. Let’s look at some of the ways we can learn from playing & observing college golfers. 

Playing College Golf Feels Different

Some of us played golf in college, and some of us didn’t. Remember that even if you’re playing with college golfers, they are having a whole different experience. College golfers have the ability to eat, sleep and breathe golf. We, recreational players, are usually playing part-time while taking care of families and working on our careers, too. 

If you played in college, you have to find the fun again in recreational golf. They can feel like totally different worlds, but there are positives to both! 

Don’t Let Your Ego Get in the Way 

One of the biggest takeaways we can get from college players is to put your ego away. If you observe college players, you’ll notice they play with little hesitation. They practice diligently and are confident in what they’re doing. 

As recreational players, we tend to get nervous when it comes to complicated shots. Try not to focus so much on doing everything perfectly. The worst thing that happens is you try again at the next hole. 

Being Quiet on the Green Can Help You Focus 

When we’re out on the green, there’s usually a lot of chatter. You can hear “nice shot!” uttered for almost everything. What we’ve noticed about college players is that they are typically silent during the game. 

Golf should be fun, but talking the entire time can hinder your focus. If you play a round with a college player, you can go through the whole game in silence. Will it feel awkward? Maybe. Total silence might not be necessary, but taking a page out of their book to pipe down once in a while may help if you’re having trouble with your shots. 

College players also deal with a lot of questions when they’re playing. Part of their strategy could be to zone out and ignore them to keep their head in the game. Think about it. How annoying would it be when you’re playing to have people constantly asking what school you go to? 

College Players Have Clear Warm Up Routines 

For recreational players, sometimes it’s enough to show up right before tee time. College players have very strict warm-up routines, and you’ll see them carry them out at every tournament. If you don’t already, getting there a little early to putt a few balls is enough to start a good habit. 

Something we’d like to point out is that you shouldn’t stress about a routine, but it can be helpful. For example, if you workout in the morning, you’re already loosening up your body for the day. So, you won’t need to warm up as much before a tournament. 

Have No Fear 

Another thing we’ve noticed about college players is that they have no fear. They are putting to the back of the cup, they’re taking risky shots and they are confident through the entire process. Recreational golfers tend to be full of fear and anxiety during the game. 

How many times have you feared you might get shot by someone hiding in the bushes if you putt past the hole? College girls don’t seem to have this! Whether it’s just being an adult or from being a parent, you’re thinking of the worst possible outcome. Having kids makes you assume the worst and anticipate any little thing that can go wrong. 

As for the college players, the lack of fear likely comes from having to practice all the time, which is not a bad thing! College players embody the concept of “no fear.” It’s impressive to watch, and we can all learn something from it. 

Understand That They Have Different Resources

When you’re watching college players, it’s important that you remember that they have different resources than you do. They can usually play on courses for free, are given free gear, and get discounts at major stores. Having access to the best of the best is going to help them perfect their game. 

So, when you have golf club envy as a young college player is walking around with a really nice set, just know they probably got it through a resource you may not have access to. 

Age is Just a Number 

Yes, we’re going to talk about it. Most of the time college players are going to be younger than you. Please don’t let that throw off your game! While they may be younger, you are just as capable of playing a great game against them. What you also might not realize is that they can learn from you just as much as you can learn from them. 

Take some time to talk to college golfers when you’re playing with them, you never know what you’ll learn and what you can teach them!  



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