Jun 03, 2023

T-Time Podcast // Ep. 44: Listener Questions, an Alabama Golf Trip and Being a Cop with Kim Eaton

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Today, Tori is thrilled to share some exciting news with Kim and Pat. They have some amazing updates to discuss, including the highly anticipated Dallas Shootout and their upcoming retreats in Ireland and Scotland. For those interested, one spot is still available for single occupancy at the luxurious Ireland 2023 Retreat, so act quickly to secure it. Additionally, they will give a sneak peek into their plans for the upcoming Desert Classic in 2024.

During the conversation, they'll share inspiring stories. Kim faced challenges at the North River Yacht and Golf Club in Tuscaloosa, struggling with her driver. Despite this, she made a remarkable recovery and shot par on the front nine. Pat will also discuss her experience and the importance of finding highlights when things are unplanned. They'll then delve into various golf-related topics, addressing a listener's question about Kim's waggle and offering insights on developing a personalized pre-shot routine. Lastly, listeners can join Tori as Kim reflects on her time as a police officer in the 1980s and her transition back into the golf business.

Important Golf Updates

1.   The Dallas Shootout Update

The Dallas Shootout is quickly filling up, with over 80% of spots already taken. If you're interested in joining us in Dallas from October 15th to 17th, now is the time to secure your spot. Limited discounted hotel rooms are available, so don't hesitate. Grab one of those rooms at the beautiful Westin Hotel before they're gone. The tournament will take place at Stonebriar Country Club, which boasts two stunning courses. Round one will be played on one course, while round two will be on a different one. Prepare for a fun and exciting tournament, along with various additional activities. Don't miss out on this incredible event. Sign up now and be part of the Dallas Shootout!

2.   Ireland 2023

Join us for the Ireland 2023 retreat from September 7th to 14th! As a result of an injury, there remains a single spot available for exclusive occupancy. Indulge in the opulent Merrion Hotel and Adare Manor Resort, both esteemed five-star accommodations, where you will have your room. Enjoy the prestigious golfing experience of renowned courses such as Adare Manor, Duke's Golf Club, Royal Dublin Golf Club, Portmarnock Golf Club, and Royal County Down. Seize this opportunity to be a part of our fully booked retreat. Act now to secure your place for an unforgettable journey to Ireland!

3.   Desert Classic 2024

Scotland 2024 is coming, along with the Desert Classic in March 2024. Signups for the tournament will open this summer instead of November, giving you more time to find affordable lodging in Scottsdale. Mark your calendars for March 3rd to March 6th, 2024, and stay tuned for more information.

Kim's Tournament

Kim has recently played in a tournament that occurred at the North River Yacht and Golf Club in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The golf course had a yardage of around 5,750 to 6,100 yards and featured hilly terrain. The second and third rounds occurred after a heavy rainstorm, making the course even longer and more challenging. The rain prevented the ball from rolling and forced players to hit uphill shots. Fortunately, the tournament organizers did not enforce a cart path-only rule, which would have posed additional difficulties.

Kim’s First Round:

They had a mixed performance during Kim's first round at the tournament. She struggled with three-putts and a double bogey starting on the back nine. However, she recovered with a birdie on the 17th hole, which had given them trouble during the practice round. Kim finished the round with a score of 77, feeling satisfied with their overall performance.

Second Round:

Kim's second round at the tournament didn't go as well as she had hoped. Starting on the tenth hole, she struggled with three putts and made a bogey on the first hole. Despite a good recovery for par on the second hole, she struggled with three-putts and made additional bogeys. The round overall was disappointing, with only a few highlights, such as a great par on the seventh hole. Kim and her fellow players hit their drives into the bunkers on the 18th hole, where the river had affected the previous day's play. While she salvaged a good shot and ended up a foot from the hole, there were more instances of subpar golf than moments of excellence throughout the round.

Quick Q&A Session

In this Q&A session, we dive into the world of Kim, a multifaceted individual with a wealth of experience. From being a teaching pro to a former cop, Kim's insights are bound to captivate and enlighten. Join us as we explore topics like the importance of waggling in sports and the challenges Kim faced in male-dominated industries. Get ready for an engaging conversation that will leave you wanting more. Let's get started!

Q: What's the deal with a waggle? How do I develop my own?

     A: A waggle does help because you're already in motion and want to get that momentum going for your swing. Starting your swing from a dead stop takes a lot of energy to reach your desired speed, but a waggle will help you switch that momentum quicker.

Q: Do you ever feel the need to prove yourself in male-dominated industries?

     A: Being a police officer, especially when I started in the mid-eighties, you had to prove yourself, especially for someone like me, who is small in stature. It was a constant challenge to earn respect. The guys often wanted to fight or wrestle with suspects, but I would step back. However, earlier in my career, I had already proven myself by getting involved in intense situations with dangerous individuals. A friend of mine loves to tell a story about me entering a bar after someone, claiming I jumped over the bar and all. But let me clarify, that never happened.


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