Jan 15, 2023

T-Time Podcast // Ep. 4: Golf Beliefs We Are LETTING GO OF in 2023!

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Today, Tori sits with Kim Eaton, a soon-to-be regular on the podcast.

Tori conducted a poll on her Instagram stories asking her followers about a golf belief they want to leave behind in 2022. The poll was focused on beliefs that take up too much energy and don't serve any purpose. She received many responses to the poll and wants to share them with her audience, as she believes many will resonate with others who took the poll. We will be moving forward in 2023 without them!

Remember, leave behind negative energy and focus on enjoying golf more in 2022. This could mean playing more tournaments, establishing a handicap, or joining a ladies league. The goal is to find ways to make the game more enjoyable. From the Instagram poll, these are some of the habits and/or beliefs that some golfers are willing to leave in 2022:

I need to apologize upfront when I'm starting around with strangers

NO! there is no need to apologize. Remember, those strangers were once in your position, and they are probably not that good at golf anyway. Even if they are good, they are more focused on their own game. Don't worry! Just go out and play. 

I’m not perfect

Even at the professional level, what would you say about the expectations of perfection in golf? After a round, even the best golfers in the world may only think they had one or two perfect shots. One of the responses in the poll was letting go of the need to be perfect, recognizing that no one, including oneself, should expect to be perfect.

I am not good enough to play on nice courses or travel for golf

You don't necessarily have to be good to play in a tournament, fancy courses, and participate in golf retreats; as it depends on your definition of good. For beginners, it is recommended to post scores and get an established handicap index. This will also show improvement as the handicap index starts to go down. To play in a tournament, it is important to have a basic understanding of the rules, but usually, rule officials are there to help, not penalize.

When it comes to playing in tournaments, it is recommended to start with local leagues and have fun with the game. Then, one can move on to playing in a net tournament or a member-member tournament. Playing on a beautiful golf course and traveling for golf is also enjoyable. However, it is important to remember that you can play from forward tee boxes or scramble with whoever you're playing with. It's important to make the game fun.

I'm too new to establish a handicap

A handicap index measures how much you are progressing in your game and allows you to compete against people of different abilities and skill levels. You can post scores from either 9-hole or 18-hole rounds, and no score is too high to be considered in the calculation of your handicap index.

I'm too old to get better

It is possible to improve your game by taking one or two lessons and focusing on specific aspects of your game. Many women want to hit the ball further, but it's not always necessary to hit it far. A common trait among skilled female golfers is having a strong short game. It is not always necessary to hit every green to make pars, and a good short game can help compensate for any distance in your shots.

The stigma over walking on the golf course

This can be a pain for some people, but if the golf course is walkable, it can be enjoyable. Courses that do not allow walking are typically not designed to be walkable. Using a walking cart is another option. If you want to walk, it can be faster, too. Even if you're the only one walking in a group, you might feel separated from them, but it's not as hard as you think.

Letting one bad shot dictate the rest of my game

Golf is not easy, and it is important to remember that not every shot will be perfect. Bad shots, holes, fronts, or backs are a natural part of the game. It's the 10-foot putts that we make on the last hole that give us the confidence to come back and try again. Remember, no one is perfect on the golf course. Even though we may tell ourselves that we should be hitting it a little better, it is important to accept that golf is a challenging sport that we should embrace.

I don't have enough time to practice consistently

The key to improving in golf is not about the amount of time spent practicing but the quality of the practice. It's better to focus on one specific aspect of your game for 15 minutes and make it count rather than just hitting balls without a purpose. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you need at least an hour or an hour and a half to practice. However, it's important to remember that any intentional practice, even for just 15 minutes, is better than none. Even using an at-home putting mat can be beneficial for your stroke; it may not replicate the real course, but it will help you improve your stroke.

I can't hit my seven-iron/three-wood

Hitting a three-wood can be among the most challenging clubs for many golfers. It is especially difficult to hit off the fairway. However, some players may prefer to use a three-wood off the tee instead of a driver because the driver can be too long and difficult to swing through. In general, woods can be challenging to hit due to lack of use. Hybrids and irons that resemble woods are often easier to hit for many players.


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