Mar 16, 2023

T-Time Podcast // Ep. 21: Behind the Scenes of the 2023 Desert Classic Tournament with Ashley & Carrie

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The Desert Classic Tournament is a 3-day partner tournament at the Papago Golf Club, home to the ASU Golf Team and the Papago Women's Golf Association. The tournament format consisted of a scramble on Day One, best ball on Day Two, and best ball on 9 hardest holes/combined scores on 9 easiest holes on Day Three. There were gross & net prizes in each flight, with over $15,000 available. Daily low-flight winners received gross & net day money paid out, totaling $6,000. Competitors, also, received a swag bag with golf-related items.

Partners were required to have a 10-stroke differential or be within 10 strokes of each other. If there was a higher handicap, they came down to meet the 10-stroke differential. The tournament had 10 flights, with 10 teams per flight. To ensure a good pace of play, the tournament was limited to two shotguns per day with 50 teams in each shotgun.

Some of your favorite social media golf personalities also had special guest appearances, including daily instructional clinics. Tori, Ashley, and Carrie will highlight the recent-completed tournament in today's show.

But First, Dallas Shootout 2023

The Dallas Shootout recently opened up for registration and is already half full. The event will be held at Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, Texas, featuring clinics with Lisa Longball, Kathy Hartwood, and Erika Larkin. Special guests, such as Becky Robinson, will also be in attendance. The event will include a shopping night and have a similar feel to the Desert Classic, with an energy that is sure to be amazing.

One thing that sets this event apart is the up-close and personal interactions with the women leading the clinics. Participants can take videos or hang out with Erica, Lisa, and Kathy throughout the day. The event promises an experience with a strong community and the opportunity to make new friends.

Desert Classic Highlights

Shopping Night

The shopping night at Desert Classic was successful, with 15 amazing vendors. Vendors including some returning favorites, like ALI and Taylor Jordan, and new ones, like Coconads. At least 10 were women-owned businesses and nearly all the women attended. The vendors had fully stocked gear that could be taken home that night or shipped to their homes. There was good food, music, and much fun with people reuniting from other tournaments. It was a great opportunity to support these businesses and satisfy women's love of shopping.

Monday, the First Day of the Tournament

On Monday, the Desert Classic Tournament started at the beautiful Papago Golf Club, where the staff fully embraced the event and provided great service. The venue was perfect for the tournament, with a spacious range allowing many women to warm up. At the opening night party, male entertainers were hired for Becky's photos and videos, and she spent extra time mingling with the crowd. The opening dance party with KC was a hit, but as with Tori's parties, it ended early, with the bar closing at 9 pm and the pavilion emptying by 9:30 pm.


On Tuesday, the women were feeling tired after a long day. However, they pushed through and were excited to see some new things introduced. These included:

1.      Golf Clinics:

On Tuesday, two golf clinics were held, so that every player could attend. All clinics were a success, with Kathy Hartwood being Tuesday's guest. The sessions were packed with around 40 to 50 ladies wanting a piece of what Kathy had to say. The ladies appreciated the informative nature of the clinics, which were focused on providing tips and teaching techniques without overcomplicating things. This was a great opportunity for women who had never attended their tournaments before. It was an intimate and informative session that helped everyone learn more about the mindset techniques of the game.

2.      Mike the Trickster

Mike the Trickster was a new addition to the Desert Classic in 2023. When asked about his background, he revealed that he was actually the magician for the current Arizona Cardinals. His job was to provide entertainment and engage with the players during events and lunches. 

3.      Karaoke and Game Night

On the third night, the energy at the Desert Classic event is typically low as it falls in the middle of the tournament. Many people choose to take an afternoon off and head home after their morning shotgun. However, this year the pavilion was packed with women playing Jenga, Sequence, and card games at each table. To add to the fun, Casey was in charge of the karaoke machine, which provided lively entertainment for those stuck around.

Wednesday: The Award Ceremony

The energy was high on the tournament's final day, and the award ceremony was a standout moment. Over 200 women cheered each other on as they won various prizes, with many of them genuinely surprised and overjoyed at their success. To keep the energy up, they only announced first-place gross and net in each flight and displayed the names of the second and third-place winners on a screen. Although it was a tiring 15-16 hour day, the high energy of the event kept everyone going, and we thanked everyone involved, especially Ashley and Carey, for their hard work.


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