Aug 15, 2022

Stories from the U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur in Alaska with Kim & Robin

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Tori hosts Kim Eaton and Robin Krapfl who share their experience competing at the USGA Championship at the Anchorage Golf Course in Alaska. They highlight the benefits of these tournaments and opportunities available to seniors to take the next step in their gameplay.  

Stories from the U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur in Alaska with Kim & Robin

The 60th U.S. Senior Women's Amateur Championship took place at Anchorage Golf Course from July 30 to August 4, 2022. The USGA visited the 49th state for the first time to hold one of its championships. The low 64 scores in stroke play will qualify for match play, consisting of six rounds of match play after two rounds.

How Carol Semple Thompson influences Kim’s game

Carol Semple Thompson added another accomplishment to her already impressive résumé when she teed off in the opening round of stroke-play qualifying for the 59th U.S. Senior Women's Amateur at the Lakewood Club in Point Clear, Alabama. She has won 15 WGAWP Championships over the course of six decades. The first of her 22 Pennsylvania State Amateurs was in 1969, the most recent in 2006. However, Carol had her greatest success on the national and international stages.

She received the Bob Jones Award in 2003, the PGA's "First Lady of Golf Award" in 2005 and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2008. She was a member of the West Penn Hall of Fame's inaugural class in 2013. Finally, Carol has been named WGAWP Player of the Decade for the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. Kim views Carol as an icon and a very nice person who has influenced Kim’s golfing life.

If you meet the requirements, why do you need to be trying to qualify for USGA events?

The USGA is more than just the country's governing organization for golf; they are the most devoted supporter and defender of the game. By reducing the amount of water required to maintain a course in top playing condition, guiding the rules and preserving golf's traditions and heritage, and providing pathways to competition for all through our Open and Amateur championships, their programs rise to the myriad challenges and opportunities facing golf and its future.

The USGA has been utilizing and improving the golfer handicap system since 1911, and it has developed into a global indicator of a golfer's present skill level. Each time a golfer plays, their scores are updated continuously, keeping their handicap updated. For keeping track of your progress, determining the number of strokes you give and receive in a competitive match, or for club events, tournaments, leagues, and outings that allow handicapping, you can use handicaps.

The United States Golf Association works to maintain the health of a sport that motivates, tests, and rewards players like nothing else. Initiatives include the World Handicap System, national amateur championships, modernizing the delivery of the game's rules, and supporting sustainable golf course management practices. If you meet the requirements for USGA, sign up for the championship and get the chance to experience all the greatness that comes with being a member.

Details on the Senior Stroke Play Championship 2022

Registration: The Wilemon Room will be open for player registration on Monday, October 10, from 12:00 PM until 3:30 PM. If a player cannot register by the deadline but still plans to compete in the championship, she must inform a TGA official at the host club. The admission price covers all championship rounds and the practice round's greens, cart, and range fees. A championship tee gift and lunch following the first and final rounds are also included in the registration price.

Format: The field is limited to 96 players. The 54-hole stroke play tournament is the championship. The 16 women's Senior Stroke Play players with the lowest handicap indexes must play off the Championship Tees (approx. 5500-5700 yards). The Championship Tees or the Flights Tees are available for use by all other players (approx. 5100-5300 yards), and the participants will be divided into flights based on 36-hole scores after Round 2.

If you turn 50, what opens up for women golfers?

Once you turn 50, you are referred to as a senior golfer or veteran in the sport of golf. In addition to being older and less physically fit or strong than you once were, becoming a senior golfer also presents special problems because your body begins to remind you of your biological age. It becomes hard to compete in your state tournaments anymore, and in a way, you become a rookie again. However, there are all kinds of tournaments you can play in the LPGA, which has senior tournaments after all these years of competing against the amateurs, especially during that 40 to 50 age group, you're now competing against women your age.