May 17, 2024

Golf This or That with Kim and Shelly

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Welcome to another exciting episode of T-Time with Tori! This time, Tori sits down with two incredible golfers, Kim and Shelly, to dive into the nitty-gritty of golf. From favorite clubs to tournament tips, this episode is packed with insights, laughs, and a whole lot of golf wisdom. Let's tee off!

Meet the Guests

Kim: A seasoned golfer with a knack for keeping things light and fun on the course. Known for her quick wit and love for Diet Coke.

Shelly: The 2022 US Women's Senior AM Champion. A serious competitor with a passion for improving her game and helping others do the same.

The Perfect Tool for Golf Stats

Tori kicks off the episode by introducing a handy tool for golfers: the Round Report Card. This free, printable tool helps golfers track their stats and focus on improving the weakest parts of their game.

"The stats that you start measuring will give you the feedback needed to improve your game and lower your scores." - Tori

Golf This or That: Quickfire Questions

Watch or Laser?

Kim: Laser. "I don't wear a watch."

Shelly: Laser. "I tried a Garmin watch, but I sold it because I never used it."

Favorite Club and Least Favorite Club


  • Favorite: Five Iron. "I've been hitting it pretty sweet."
  • Least Favorite: Five Wood. "I was going to take my three wood out of my bag because I only hit it off the tee."


  • Favorite: Five Wood. "It's great off the fairway."
  • Least Favorite: Three Wood. "I rarely hit it off the fairway."

Music on the Course

Kim: A mix of everything, but no country for Dana. "I have a little bit of everything on mine."

Shelly: Currently listening to country music for a contest. "I'm trying to text in and get a call back."

Motorized Walking Carts

Kim: No, but Pat had one. "She had several different ones, and they were great for her."

Shelly: Yes, got one as a Christmas present. "It's awesome, especially going up hills."

Tips for New Golfers

Joining a Ladies League

Kim: "Everyone belongs. Just go and enjoy meeting all these women."

Shelly: "Join the Ladies Club to meet people and find your group to play more golf with."

Playing in Your First Tournament

Kim: "Go out and have fun. It's only a game."

Shelly: "Keep up with the group in front and don't take forever."

Favorite Courses

Kim: Denver Country Club. "Traditional tree lines, smaller greens."

Shelly: Royal County Down in Ireland. "Spectacular."

Staying Focused

Kim: "Things don't bother me. People can be talking, it doesn't bother me."

Shelly: "I breathe in, take deep breaths, and focus on my swing."

Inspirational Quotes

"When it's breezy, swing easy." - Shelly

"You still have to get it in the hole." - Kim

Fun and Games

Four Club Game


  • Five Wood
  • Seven Iron
  • Wedge
  • Putter


  • Five Wood
  • Seven Iron
  • 54 Degree Wedge
  • Putter
Favorite Snack During a Round

Kim: Plain donuts and mandarin oranges. "And a Diet Coke."

Shelly: Nature Valley almond butter cinnamon biscuits. "We can't get them in Canada."

Post-Round Routine

Kim: "We might talk about a few shots, but not full out."

Shelly: "I look at my stats and see what I did well and what needed improvement."

Skincare on the Course

Kim: No sunscreen.

Shelly: Sunscreen and arm sleeves. "I call them nylons for my arms."

Final Thoughts

Biggest Misconception About Women's Golf

Kim: "That we're slow."

Shelly: "People don't realize the distance we hit the ball."

Advice for Tough Days on the Course

Kim: "Don't worry about it, it'll get better."

Shelly: "Hang in there, it's just one round."


This episode of T-Time with Tori was a delightful mix of practical tips, personal anecdotes, and a whole lot of golf love. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just starting out, there's something here for everyone. So grab your clubs, hit the course, and remember to have fun!

Stay tuned for more episodes of T-Time with Tori, where we bring you the best in golf tips, stories, and inspiration. Until next time, keep swinging!

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