Apr 23, 2024

All Your Questions Answered About Going to the Masters with Alix and Christie

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It's time for another exciting episode of T-Time with Tori! In this episode, Tori sits down with Alix and Christie to discuss their recent trip to the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. They share their experiences, insights, and tips for anyone considering attending this iconic event.

Getting There and Accommodations

Flying In

  • Alix and Christie flew into Atlanta, which is one of the main hubs for getting to the Masters.
  • Other nearby airports include Greenville, South Carolina, and Columbia, which has a small regional airport.
  • Many people take private planes, with around 1,300 private planes going through the area during the tournament.

Driving to Augusta

  • The drive from Atlanta to Augusta takes about 2.5 hours.
  • Traffic can be brutal in Atlanta, but if you can fly there easily, it's a good option.
  • Alix and Christie stopped in Buckhead for lunch before heading to Augusta.


  • Alix and Christie stayed in a house they rented through VRBO.
  • Many homeowners in Augusta rent out their houses during the Masters, placing a small sign or flag in front to indicate that they're a rental.
  • People can make a lot of money renting out their homes during this week.

"It was all I've heard is that you know, you'd be surprised at how bad Augusta like how depressed Augusta is. Yeah, it was um It was very I mean where we were from point A to point B and around it. It was totally nice fine, but you could tell like they live for this week." - Alix

The Masters Experience

Walking the Course

  • The course is much hillier than it looks on TV, with steep inclines on every hole.
  • Alix and Christie got tired around 3 or 4 pm on the first day after walking a lot.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes is essential, and bringing two different pairs can help prevent sore feet.

Food and Drinks

  • The food options are not gourmet but do the trick, with items like chicken salad sandwiches, pimento cheese sandwiches, and a peach ice cream sandwich.
  • Alix has a sensitive stomach and was cautious about eating processed foods, but enjoyed the chicken salad without any issues.
  • Christie tried the popular combination of a pimento cheese sandwich with a breaded chicken breast inside.
  • Drinks are served in souvenir cups that many people collect and take home.

The Crowds and Atmosphere

  • The atmosphere is civilized and refined, with people dressing up more than at other tournaments.
  • Following Tiger Woods can be challenging due to the massive crowds, and some people prefer to avoid the hassle.
  • The bird sounds are a notable feature of the course, and there's some debate about whether they're real or piped in for the TV broadcast.

"I mean, literally you're walking in, it's tree lined, everything is immaculate. But I just, I mean I feel like walking in the gates it was like I was walking into Disneyland and I was so excited and it's so civilized that's the other thing to me that I mean people are dressed up a little more they just look a little bit more refined if you elevated classy everything was white which mom would have loved like everything was just white and green but but a pretty green, you know?" - Alix

The Players

  • Seeing the players in person can be a different experience than watching them on TV.
  • Alix was underwhelmed by seeing Tiger Woods in person, possibly because he's so frequently seen on TV.
  • Other players, like Patrick Reed and Brooks Koepka, appeared thinner in person than on TV.
  • Alix was on a mission to find Brooks Koepka's wife, who she follows on Instagram and had been posting about her outfits for the Masters.

The Pro Shop and Merchandise

Getting Into the Pro Shop

  • The line to get into the pro shop can be long, with wait times of around 45 minutes.
  • The pro shop is a full building, not just a tent, and is set up with different stations for men's, women's, and kids' merchandise.
  • To purchase items, you tell the person behind the counter the number of the item you want, which is displayed on the wall.

Popular Items and Selling Out

  • The pro shop is known for selling out of popular items quickly, especially the gnomes.
  • Alix and Christie were determined to get gnomes but missed out on the first day when they sold out by 9 am.
  • On the second day, they managed to get gnomes through a connection who works in the pro shop.

Spending and Shipping

  • It's easy to spend a lot of money in the pro shop, with Alix spending around $1,000 despite not intending to buy much.
  • Shipping is available for purchased items, with long lines forming outside the pro shop for this service.
  • Alix and Christie were able to leave their purchases with a friend who had a car parked nearby, avoiding the need to carry them around all day.

"I own retail stores. Everyone's like, oh my gosh, you're gonna have, you're gonna want to get so much stuff. I'm like, I really don't need anything. I feel like, I don't want to say I'm over it, but I'm like, I have everything I need. I really don't need to have stuff that says the masters on it. We stand in line. Everybody is coming out with gnomes." - Alix

Tips and Tricks

Navigating Without a Phone

  • Phones are not allowed on the course, which can be a challenge for meeting up with people and knowing what's going on in the tournament.
  • Alix and Christie recommend setting designated meeting spots and times in case you get separated from your group.
  • There are phone banks available, but you need to know the number of the person you're trying to reach.

Seating and Chairs

  • Alix and Christie brought chairs on the second day, which they had purchased and brought with them from home.
  • Finding a good spot to set up chairs can be tricky, with many people staking out spots early in the day.
  • They ended up getting a front-row spot on the 17th green, which worked out well for them.

Dress Code and Outfits

  • Women at the Masters tend to dress up more than at other tournaments, with a preppy, Southern style.
  • Alix and Christie wore skirts both days, with Alix wearing a bubble skirt that received compliments.
  • Hats can be a good option for sun protection, with a wide-brimmed "safari" style hat being popular among women at the tournament.

"Everybody dressed, all the women dressed really, really good. Like, you didn't see any, like, what the heck? Is this a couple? - Yeah, like classy, preppy. - Yes, that southern, yeah. In South Carolina, they have this, if you have a really cute figure and you're really cute, they put on a bag, it's like a bag dress. Like, it's, it's like, it looks like little house on the prairie." - Alix and Christie

Final Thoughts and Ratings

  • Both Alix and Christie gave the Masters experience a 10 out of 10 rating, with Christie even saying it was a 12 out of 10.
  • They loved the excitement and the infectious enthusiasm of being there with someone who was really enjoying the experience.
  • Alix, who doesn't usually enjoy big venues and crowds, never once thought about wanting to leave early.
  • They're both planning to enter the ticket lottery for next year and hope to make it back to the Masters again.

"I'd say 12 out of 10. I loved it." - Christie

"10 out of 10." - Alix

In conclusion, attending the Masters Tournament is an unforgettable experience that any golf fan should have on their bucket list. With some careful planning, comfortable shoes, and a willingness to embrace the excitement and atmosphere, you can have an amazing time at this iconic event. Just be prepared for the pro shop lines and the potential for sold-out gnomes!


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