Jun 02, 2022

5 Misconceptions About Women’s Golf

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Can women outplay men on the green? Do we waste time chatting rather than swinging? We get into the nitty gritty about women golfers and reveal 5 misconceptions most people have about women’s golf.

Women’s Golf Misconceptions

While there are plenty of misconceptions people have about female golfers, we wanted to really home in on the top 5. So, we launched a social media campaign to find out what men think about women’s golf. We received so many brilliant answers, but here are the most common.


1: It’s Going To Be A Slow Round

The first misconception to debunk is that women’s pace of play is slow. In fact, this was mentioned in approximately 85% of the answers received. A lot of men tend to perceive female golfers as a ‘traffic’. They see women playing golf and think to themselves, oh no…this is going to be a slow round. But this isn’t necessarily based on gender, any group of golfers on the course will naturally take time and might be frustrating to others who are playing to a deadline. And anyone who takes a million practice swings before actually hitting the ball is going to become annoying, no matter what gender they are. And actually, most golfers go by the rule that when it’s your turn to swing, you’re ready to go - it’s just part of being courteous.

Plus, if you’re playing as a four, and there’s a twosome behind you, who are catching you up, this is completely normal. It’s common sense that four players will take up more time than two! And there’s always the option to let them go ahead of you, to ease the tension or pressure of speeding up.

But, if you’re letting more than one group go in front of you, then you might be talking a bit too long.

2: Women Always Play The Forward Tee Boxes

Next, we come to tee boxes, and apparently, women will always play in the forward tee boxes, or they’re called the ladies tease. But most of the time, when we play with guys, they don’t care where we play, and if we want to have more fun we play forward. But the issue comes up when you play against men and in forward tee boxes. Let’s say you shot a 72. They’ll dismiss your ability based on the forward tee box, which drives most women crazy. Yet each and every tee box is rated differently. So play where you want to, whether you fancy an easy game, more of a challenge or to score. Don’t let this perception put you off! And you can always shake things up a bit by playing in different boxes on different holes.

3: Women Aren’t As Good As Men

Moving swiftly onto the idea that women aren’t as good as men. This was actually mentioned quite a few times in different ways. Some guys think women can’t beat male golfers, and others say that men are just more competitive. It seems as though they’re a little threatened by female golfers!

This point actually merges into our next one, that women aren’t as good as men because they’re more interested in socializing and cute golf outfits over competing and improving their technique. Well, I think it’s fair to say that this is ridiculous. Most people who play golf enjoy the social aspect of the game, and investing in the right outfit and gear is just part of the fun. But this doesn’t mean that women aren’t interested in getting better. Women, just like men, can be very competitive and will put in the hard work and dedication to progress their skill level.

Again being competitive or prioritizing building connections and friendships over swinging is down to personal preference and priorities and is not determined by gender.

4: Putting Is Where Women Win

Women are better at putting than men. This is another thing we tend to hear a lot about female golfers. Men often make the assumption that women can only ever beat them at golf via putting. But we all know that there are some incredible female golfers out there that give most men a run for their money, right!

5: Women’s Golf Is Only For Older Women

Do you agree that golf is only for senior women and younger players are too busy to play? Well, this is actually a common misconception among women over men. The fact is, when you do play golf, you tend to see a lot more men than women on the green, which can often give you the impression that there are no female players under 40. And actually, this has a lot to do with women in our age range who are busy being a mom and don’t have the free time to be on the course during the school week. But there are exceptions. If your kids are older, you might have more time on your hands to pursue your own hobbies, or you might not have any kids. You could even bring the kids with you and leave them on the putting green or have someone watch them while you play. But there definitely are women of all ages playing golf, and age or gender shouldn’t stop you from having fun!


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