The housewives
Of golf podcast

If you are a female golfer that has the golf bug, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a beginner shooting double
or triple bogeys or a seasoned bad-ass golfer,
this podcast is for you.

Tori Totlis and Sarah Held are on a mission to build
a stronger community for female golfers, get more
women into golf, and do more for the women in golf.

New episodes air each week, and give listeners an all access pass into the behind the scenes of women’s golf!


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What Listener’s
are saying

“As a new golfer I appreciate
all of the knowledge Tori and
Sarah present and in a way
that’s easier to understand.
They are so real and enter
taining! All of the guests are
fantastic, even the dudes!
Keep it up ladies, have shared
with all of the other women at
my club and we are hooked!”

“This is such a fantastic podcast; it is informative and lots of fun! I look forward to every episode. Tori and Sarah cover a wide variety of topics about golf: rules, etiquette, tournament play, thoughts on how to practice, etc. Then they end it with a little chit chat about various Bravo housewives… a perfect combo!”

“This podcast is perfect for ALL women regardless of skill level. I wish I had this in my life when I was first starting out. Tori and Sarah touch on topics and bring on the best guests so we all can benefit, regardless of skill level. I love how they are bringing women’s golf to the forefront in such a fun way! I also have a guilty pleasure of watching RH so to have this segment is an enjoyable way to end the show and also gives me new perspective on the RH shows. Keep it up girls!!”

“A friend told me about this podcast and I immediately binged all episodes and then wouldn’t shut up about it with all my golf buddies. It’s so great and speaks to me! Plus, RHOx is my guilty pleasure! I’ve watched from the very beginning and I still keep coming back to it despite the madness. Kinda like golf… No matter the good or bad the round is, I will play until I can’t - hooked for life!”

“Outstanding golf podcast for girls and women in golf at all skill levels! I look forward to the release of every episode and truly enjoy every minute. I would highly recommend this podcast to all my golf friends. It gives me motivation to go after my golf goals for the year and I love hearing Tori and Sarah’s passion for the game. It’s so refreshing to have a golf podcast that I can relate to and thoroughly enjoy through and through. Great work Tori and Sarah!!”

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Tune in weekly for new episodes every Monday and Thursday!