Aug 01, 2022

Ball Dipper Confirmed & Playing Golf with Your Husband or Significant Other

beginner golfers golf tips and tricks on the course

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In this episode, Tori and Sarah sit with Tori's husband, KC, and Chris who describe the "Ball Dipping Station" and its functions as it pertains to golf. They also highlight how they work with their partners to offer support both on and off the golf course.  

Time Segments

  • [01:49] Meet our guests for today, Chris and KC. 
  • [02:10] Referring back to Episode 54; the Ball Dipper (Powder Station) is now confirmed and explained by Chris.
  • [08:47] The Chamois butter
  • [12:20] Sarah's Mixed Stix Tournament at Oak Creek Country Club
  • [19:30] Having a bad game day in a tournament. 
  • [21:58] Stay pain-free with StretchLab
  • [24:08] Playing with your significant other; Tori and Casey. 
  • [29:58] How Chris and Kate started golfing. 
  • [39:04] Advice to husbands of women who want to start playing golf. 
  • [40:35] Giving out golf tips. 
  • [44:08] Chris' golf goals. 
  • [45:45] About Banker Golf Tournaments.



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